Aussie Digital unveils Tradezy — E-Commerce's Future Is Here And Big

2018-06-30 12:00:00

June 30, 2018 - Queensland, Australia — Aussie Digital launches Tradezy, an e-commerce store that lets local retailers set up their shop online. Tradezy empowers small shop owners to unleash the power of digital by going online and doing business just like a big retail outlet does.

On Tradezy, registering website is simple and quick. Retailers just have to do a few clicks, and then they are all set. Besides having a swift registration process, this e-commerce platform also lets retailers own cryptocurrencies. However, there is no hard-and-fast rule to accept or give crypto coins on the platform; traders can always use plastic money on this e-commerce website.

Tradezy has a user-friendly design language; this online shopping store has taken design cues directly from biggies such as Amazon and eBay. But Tradezy is way beyond aesthetics; it even prioritises functionality. That is why this e-commerce portal has inbuilt SEO functionalities so that the retailers position their products in front of the targeted audiences just the way big retail chains do.

That is not all. Tradezy even has a powerful reward programme in place. As per that programme, this e-commerce store will give rewards to shoppers. This way, shopper loyalty will strengthen. And the best part is that the retailers do not have to give rewards out of their own pockets. Instead, the rewards will be paid by the platform, Aussie Digital, backing this revolutionary e-commerce store.

“Through Tradezy, we’re going to change the way retailers do business — for the better,” said Aussie Digital’s co-founder, Peter Edyvean. Edyvean further adds, “This groundbreaking online store is packed with amazing features that’ll let retailers boost their customer base like never before.”

Because of this, Tradezy is poised to revolutionise retail and e-commerce.
About Aussie Digital: Aussie Digital is a blockchain-powered ecosystem that will remake retail. Aussie Digital has many dedicated services that streamline the work of retailers online. Right from an advertising platform to a full-fledged social media channel, this ecosystem has the right services that let sellers find their perfect buyers in no time.